About Us

Why Do We Exist?

Let’s face it. Most furniture is boring and overpriced and it shouldn’t be that way. Your home should be an expression of who you are. Modern, Creative and Fresh. Every member of our staff breathes this in how we approach our work. We strive to make sure that every one of our customers knows that we are here to provide them with unique one of a kind furniture that doesn’t break the bank.


What’s Our Mission?

To make home life a little more beautiful. We source the best quality products to create our unique range of modern unusual stuff. We go out of this world to ensure that your home truly feels one of a kind.


What are Our Values?

Unbelievable Quality: every piece of our hand sourced product screams quality. We don’t just set the bar, we exceed it. We push every day to make sure that our products reflect the quality of our customers. Unique, One of a Kind and Priceless.


Excellence: every member of our family(staff) is trained to put you first. We aren’t satisfied unless you are. Every step our unique process is carefully reviewed so that your experience with us exceeds your wildest expectations because we’re not just interested in doing business with you once. Our goal is to make you a part of our family and our home revolution.


Pushing the Limits: Our team of brilliant designers is on a mission every day to curate and source the perfect style for your. One that is well designed, functional, affordable and sustainable.


Our Edge - Our People: This isn’t just a business. It’s a family. Everyone of our staff members carries our mission in their heart and is truly committed to making your experience with us unbelievable.


Our Promise: To provide you with beautiful things that are not only stylish but meaningful and affordable.