Wall Art Trends From Last Year

Wall Art Trends From Last Year

When carefully selected, wall art can really give your whole room a boost. Dare say it, but believe it or not, wall art really matters most in interior designing. But if you're a bit unsure of how to effectively select pieces which would mesh well with your current interior and/or design concepts, make use of this article as a quick reference on how to properly select pieces which will most likely mesh well with your interior and/or design concepts. Just so we're clear, this article isn't meant to serve as an Interior Design Tips Guide on how to select the best wall art pieces for your home or office. Rather, this is intended to be a quick reference guide on some key points which are critical when you're looking at selecting artwork for your walls and which you should bear in mind when choosing.

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The first key point is colour. Black and white pieces are almost universally agreed upon as being the absolute best colours to hang in your living room. As such, black and white pieces are the backbone of the whole look and feel of the whole interior decor. Black and white wall art are also extremely flexible, meaning you can mix and match them to create a truly eclectic look. Black and white pieces tend to fit in well with other modern decor components such as laminate flooring, metal appliances, and even contemporary lounge furniture pieces which are heavily padded to protect your feet from irritating, sharp edges.


Another key point is texture. Black and white wall art and framed wall art are generally flatter than vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, and green. This flatness creates a more three dimensional appearance to the artwork piece which can both complement existing furnishings and set the ambiance of your room apart. You can contrast these colors on similar items within your home by creating subtle discrepancies in textures or by choosing contrasting colors such as eggshell and burnt orange for your living room.


Another thing to consider is how striking your artwork will look when hung in earth tones. Earth tones such as yellow, pink, and peach work well together because they are neutral and therefore fit into any decor. In addition, natural tones contrast sharply against most colors which means that you can choose to have your art work in one of several shades of earth tones. Earth tones are also relatively easy to clean, which is a big plus when considering what types of decor you'll be hanging your art in.


The final key aspect of wall art is boldness. Boldness is generally defined as a 'big visual' which stands out in comparison to other pieces. This could be a large picture, a painting, a sculpture, or any other type of wall art. While some people might not think that having artwork in bold colors or bold patterns is a good thing, the fact is that bold abstracts stand out and can therefore attract attention. Therefore, if you have something particular that you want to hang in your home, it's important to consider how it will affect people when they view it.


As these are just a few of the wall art trends from last year, there are many more that you'll want to keep an eye out for in the coming year. As stated above, bold colors are very popular right now and include orange, red, and yellow. Wood tones are also popular with many homeowners because of their neutral appeal and their ability to create a large statement print. Finally, earth tones are very common and include many different shades such as eggshell, burnt, and white. These and more are going to be popular designs for the next year and beyond!

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