Be the Decision Maker: Bar Cart or Desk?

Last fall I came across a wood slab that spoke to me at a yard sale. (What, old, beaten pieces of wood don’t call out to you? ;) ) After finding out it cost $2, I had to have it. Much to the chagrin of the hubs. But to his credit, he did help me put it in the trunk. Here she is:

I know, it needs a little work. But look past that, it will get there! It’s 18” x 50”, by the way.

The slab sat in the basement until Mike cleaned in there recently. He started using it as a shelf to hold other crap stuff I’ve hoarded, but little did he know that doing so brought the piece back to my attention. Muahahaha ;)

Of course, now I must do something with it, but I have more than one idea floating around in my head. Bar cart or desk, let the battle begin.

First, the bar cart. Right now we have a small cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to bar stuffs (mixers, spoons, shot glasses, koozies, etc.) and it’s not working. Every time I need the bottle opener, an avalanche of breakables comes tumbling out. We could definitely use an upgrade.

Here are some inspiration photos for what the wood-slab-turned-bar-cart could look like. I couldn’t find any bar carts with slab tops, but these at least give you the feel of what I’d go for.

Of this ilk? From here.

 A rustic/industrial feel? From here.

Maybe with a pop of color? From here.

And then there’s the desk…With this new blogging thing I’m into I could use a pretty place to channel my genius ;) . Here are some inspiration photos:

Those hairpin legs are to die for. From here.

Or maybe something like this…are you getting the rustic/industrial theme yet? From here.

The truth is, I could/would use both of the pieces equally, so there’s no pragmatic advantage to either one. Which one do you think I should make??  Yes, I’m talking to you! To help me decide, we have our first ever Folksy Home Poll! Vote vote vote! Without further adieu:

Thanks so much for voting. I’ll be deciding on Friday! :)