Study Break

Hey Dudes, I’ve missed you!!! I haven’t been up to much except studying, so no huge post or anything, but I missed blog land too much to not peek in for a second :).

It’s weird, studying for the comprehensive exam. I feel that I’m not only studying to pass (it’s a pass/fail test, phew!) but I’m studying for life. Like, all the things I’m studying I should know and understand to be an effective, successful professional. I don’t put much pressure on myself, do I? ;) But, I’m finally feeling good about where I am study-wise, so that’s exciting. One more day of hitting the books hard, and then I can get back to a healthier homework/DIY balance! I can’t wait!

So, just a few goings on around the casa:

1) We have germination!! I was late getting my seeds in the soil (I know), but alas, I got them in last weekend and already the Brussels sprouts are sub-aerial! (Full disclosure, I did not know they were ‘Brussels sprout’ until spell check just underlined me. I thought they were ‘Brussel Sprouts.’ Live and learn.)

2) I purchased my first friends of the season! Here are the pansies and violas that I plant to transplant post-test on Saturday. Best wind down activity ever!

Ok, nose back to the grindstone. See you Monday! (see? read? meet you in the ultranet? you know what I mean.)

P.S. Good vibrations gladly accepted starting 9:00 am Saturday morning :)

February 2012: In Between

Happy Leap Day! I love leap day, it’s just kind of cool to have a day that only happens once ever four years, feels weirdly magical. And it’s a good excuse to celebrate a small thing.

Anyway, the February wrap-up: February is such an ‘in between’ month. It’s usually cold and dreary and brings on the beginnings of that undeniable yen for warm weather, gardening and the Cape. Thank goodness it’s short and sweet! We managed to make the most out of Feb, though, and it got me looking forward to Spring. I’m ready for March. Like they say, “In like a lion, out like a lamb,”  and I’m ready for lamb season.

The month started with a sweet Valentine’s day. Beautiful flowers from the hubs, and some champagne on the in-progress bar cart when I got home from work.

I couldn’t deny gardening season any longer and tried my hand at re-growing spent scallions and drying papaya seeds. We’ll see how that germination goes. Scallions were a success!

We took lots of walks around town, and the water in the Delaware was so low we could stroll out onto the wing dam.

And finally, a few sprinklings from the month:

1. Baby Marcus and his mama (My sister, Alanna) sent me this adorbs pic of them being silly.

2. Oatsie cuddled up with his bff dog the stuffed animal.

3. Mike and I went to a Trenton Titans hockey game. Surprisingly few fights!

4. I got some new specs from I highly recommend them if you need new glasses, affordable and they do a one-for-one, like Toms shoes.

5. And last, but not least, I got an internship for next year!! Of course, I had to have a little celebration :).

Not bad for an in between month!

Now to business, March’s Monthly Goal:

Start P90X! Mike and I did the program before our wedding in August (it’s intense, but TOTALLY worth it), and, well…it’s time to do it again, if you catch my drift. Thinking about doing and actually doing it are two totally different things, however, and this month we WILL start it. Bring it on, Tony Horton!

As for February’s monthly goal, mission accomplished. I now have a pic of my mug gracing the webpage of Folksy Home. Enjoy ;)