File today’s DIY under “Why didn’t I do this before?” Our refrigerator has been plagued by marginally cute and wildly ineffective magnets forever. Mostly the kind that come glued to flyers in the mail or handed out at festivals. They all have one thing in common: magnetism wasn’t exactly their strong point (cue rim shot ;) ). I finally got fed up with photos creeping ever so sloooooowly down the refrigerator door, that is, if they hadn’t gone flying off with the slightest bump before they made it down there. I ordered these guys from Amazon:

At $12.99 they are most definitely not the cheapest set of 14 magnets around. But, they were advertised as “SUPER STRONG” and they’re rare earth, which sounds fun. Let me tell you, they are as advertised. Check it out.

Magnetic across FH’s hand! His hand!! Crazy town. So yeah, they’re strong and I’d keep them away from your computer hard drive, if I were you. Ooof, that could be bad times. They are definitely more than capable to keep up the few 4x6s we have on the fridge, which is a good thing.

Of course, I couldn’t just leave them looking like watch batteries on the fridge, so I picked through our rock/mineral collection and came up with a mixed set of raw and polished pieces.

There’s nothing in there you couldn’t find in the large tray of polished stones you buy by the velvet-bag-full at your nearest geology tourist attraction – caves, mines, nature preserves, you know the type. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about. I used to beg and beg and beg for a bag full whenever I saw one of those places as a kid. Clearly it was worth it. See, mom, I still have the rocks you bought me!

Anyways, after a dot of E-6000 glue

and drying overnight, I had an awesome set of magnets. SUPER STRONG magnets, to be exact.

(Funny aside: I had to spread the magnets out around the house to dry because when they were within a foot of each other, they’d eventually snap together!)

They’re now happily scattered across the fridge front holding steady the family photos.

Here’s a shot of them holding up some pics of me and my parents from when I was a tot. Right around the time I started honing my beg-for-minerals schtick.

And here is the quartz piece holding up some photo booth pics from our honeymoon. Look at those shiny-new newlyweds :) .

Wouldn’t a set of these (the magnets, not the honeymoon pics ;) )  make a cute birthday or housewarming gift? And the opportunities for toppers are endless, maybe small tree cross-sections? Or glass beads? Tell me your ideas!