Bar Cart It Is!

Guys, I can’t even fake it. I am DEVASTATED about the Super Bowl last night. Ugh, I wanted the Pats SO badly. I can’t even talk about it yet, too soon. Mike is equally devastated, he’s sent me at least 12 texts this morning reiterating that fact in different ways (“I’m glum city USA.” for example). We’ll have to kick butt next year. Brady and Belichick WILL get another one. Trust.

Anyways, because my mind was so preoccupied with football this weekend, I didn’t write a post and now I’m too bummed to write one. But just as a quick peek, here are a few pics of the bar in production. (Bar Cart won!) We drew up a good (I hope!) plan, went to the big orange and picked up parts and started with the painting and sanding. I’ll be working on it this week so hopefully a final product is not too far off! Here’s what we got for now:

 Drawing up plans and putting parts together at Home Depot.

The wood slab that started it all after the first pass of sanding,

and a gratuitous Oats shot. This was going on while we watched the big game. Clearly he’s not as into the Pats as we are.

Alright, is anyone as sad about the Super Bowl as I am? I will try to stop sulking ASAP.