State of the Garden 6-11-12

It’s almost summer. The weather is gorgeous. How ’bout we take a looksie outside FH today? You in? Good. Here’s what’s cooking in our yard:

The raised bed. God, I love that thing. Especially when it is brimming with life as it is now. How can you not just take a look at that and smile? Just me? There are a lot of question marks in today’s post. I’ll try to stop. But can I? Ok, promise this time.

In the left foreground you can see our avocado tree that is happy to be out of the house. In the bed we have tomatoes, melons (that are slowly trying to strong arm my tomatoes to the ground), cucumbers, artichokes, peas and onions. Everything is packed in tight, but it’s all the in-ground space I got! Flanking the bed is some cilantro in the watering can, lavender in the pot to the left, and some celosia and a pepper plant in the box to the right. At the far left corner is the raspberry, and on the front right corner is a artichoke. The trellis is a Mike special that he built for me using jute and bamboo. Industrious.

Here’s my other main ‘garden’ section, which is in front of the porch:

It’s admittedly pretty rag-tag, but it actually gets more sun than the raised bed. We have a weird sun path through our yard with especially tall trees blocking sun at random times throughout the day. Very frustrating! I’ve found this spot to be rather sunny, though, and it has served me well. Along with the labeled goodies in the above picture, there are onions, strawberries and a small fir tree seedling that we got as a freebie when we bought our Christmas tree a few years back. Here’s a view from the street:

Not bad, eh? (Don’t mind the weeds.) I’m really not great at container arranging for the purpose of looks. I’m working on it. But I do like the pops of color the cheepo annuals from Lowe’s provide. Nothing says summer like color! Quick, someone write that down! Oh wait…

Anywho, here is a little closeup of the empty-looking pots labeled as ‘Flowers!’ above. Sunflowers…

and an aster mix.

Back when I started gardening, I think I actually said, “I don’t get why anyone would grow flowers when you can grow food!” but, needless to say, I have changed my tune evolved. I think I can safely say I get as much enjoyment in growing a decorative flower as in growing a tomato, but I still am not so hot knowing the names. In time!

Finally, here’s is a little taste of what’s starting to produce fruit here in the Folksy Home garden:

Eeeeeeee!!!! We have baby veggies!! Yay!!

So, tell me, what is your garden growing this week? Any baby veggies??