Giving thanks today.

Hope your day is full of parades, dog shows, and most of all, smiles.

Safe and Sound

Hey guys, I just have to take a moment and say how thankful I am that we fared so well during Hurricane Sandy. A little loss of power and a few branches is nothing compared to what some are going through. Lost houses, lost cars, lost memories. Even coworkers here in Pennsylvania are still suffering without a place to take a hot shower or plug in their phone. Unbelievable. It’s a good time to look around and be thankful for what we have.

Switching gears now, and speaking of being thankful for what we have, Mike and I have decided to seriously start saving for a house. As in, hopefully this will happen in a year or so. Consequently, that means there has been a moratorium on any excess spending. We are in total save save save mode. As excited and all warm it makes me inside to imagine we may be homeowners in the foreseeable future, it also means I’ve less moolah for projects etc.  So, as a result, DIY stuff has taken a backseat to other things and I’ve been doing only no cost crafts around here. Yep, I’m still doing stuff, but it’s a little janky and a lot less frequent. I hope you stick with me even though stuff will be less regular (but I do have something for Wednesday :) ). Here’s to saving for the big things in life. Cheers!

Not the Good Kind of Shelving

Ok, so I had grand plans of doing awesome Florida posts while on Spring break. Well, while those Florida posts have not been trashed they have  been shelved, because this week I had to stop lying to myself and realize that my grad school comprehensive exams are in less than two weeks. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS.

Sooooo….as I started studying, I started freaking out and realized that to feel confident going into the exam, I had to get my study on. BIG TIME. Which, unfortunately, means shelving the blog for a week. Boooo.

I’ll be done on March 24th, but in the mean time I’ll probably poke my head in once or twice, I just can’t promise that I’ll spend quality time writing posts.

Is it March 24th yet?

Welcome, Hackers!

Ooof!!! As a new blogger it is downright invigorating getting all these click-throughs from Ikea Hackers. I just wanted to give you a warm welcome, and personally invite you to snoop around my blog. We’ve got a bedroom re-do, a diy scarf rack and other fun projects. Enjoy, and I’m so glad you’re here :).

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    Hi there! I'm a grad student, wife, and doting owner of the cutest dog you've ever seen. I love organizing, gardening, and taking on projects I only later find out I'm wildly too impatient for. Read along as I try to accept it's about the journey, not the destination, especially when it comes to DIY. Welcome!

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