May 2012: Whirlwind

Good whirlwind, not bad whirlwind, for sure, but nonetheless, it went by FAST. At the top of the month I was cramming to finish school projects and here I am doing the same thing again for summer school. At least my summer class is over in 2 weeks. Woohoo! May weekends were full, too. We started off by hitting up the Statue of Liberty, or The Lady as she’s come to be known around our house. (e.g., Today Show pans to a shot of the statue, me: “Look! The Lady’s on TV!”)

On that outing, we also hit Ellis Island, where I did my best impression of a person with diphtheria. I’m so good at cheesy poses.

The next weekend we went to Washington, DC to visit my best friend, and bridesmaid, Erin. She and her boyfriend gave us a crash-course walking tour that was just awesome. Here’s my fancy Instagram take of the Capitol Building.

The following weekend was a camping trip/mountain biking extravaganza out in Raystown, PA. Here is Mike and Oats at the lake:

And the view from our campsite:

We woke up to a flat tire on the first day, and because we had no tools, we had to take it to the nearest place to get it fixed which, luckily, was Walmart. Because if it was somewhere else, I may not have had the opportunity to fly my crazy-dog-lady-freak-flag like so (Yes, he was wheeled around the lot in that. He loved it. I loved it. The people of Raystown loved it. Don’t judge.):

And finally, Memorial Day Weekend was Mike’s 30th Birthday!! We had a fabulous weekend of good weather and good family on the pond on Cape Cod. We even swam. In May. In New England! Can’t ask for more than that!

Already June is shaping up to be a doozie, I spent Saturday in NYC with my brother who is up North for the week. I did get to work on my desk a little, and the first coat of paint is on! Updates Wednesday :)

April 2012: Study Hall

I just looked back through my pics from April and, well, there wasn’t much goin’ on except what you already knew:

studying! But hey, it’s over now, and on to better, and more fun things. No more full time school. Ever! Never ever! Even though my nose was firmly to the grindstone a lot of the time, we did manage to color eggs for easter. Here’s a particularly lovey-dovey one that I happen to fancy:

And I ran a local 5k, which was a nice change of pace from sitting in front of the computer screen. Here’s Mike and me after the race:

Of course, my nephew was busy being as cute as ever all month:

In other news, I also purchased some summer reading to act as a carrot motivating me towards the finish line:

Expected, I know. But I want to be in the loop, and I’ve heard they’re real page turners, so don’t spoil the endings for me! And finally, last but not least, I walked in the door one day to this:

Ha! The socks of someone who shall remain nameless knocked Oatsie out cold. I couldn’t stop laughing when I spotted that. Like ether for dogs! Whooo, busted myself right up.

So that’s April in a nutshell. May, so far, has been waaaay cooler. Less homework, more DIY. And, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve been a busy elf designing (I know! SO many calculations…) and building a piece of furniture for the office this weekend, here are the cut components:

Any guess what it is??

Ten for March

**Every month I do a monthly round up/diary-type post highlighting what we did that didn’t make it on the blog. I haven’t found a firm format yet, but this month I’m trying out a ‘top ten’ deal. We’ll see if it sticks ;) Let me know your thoughts in the comments!**

1. The first flowers of the season: crocus! I was so happy to see them, I had to take a photo.

2. Oatsie in his St. Patrick’s best. The hat says, “I’m a wee bit Irish.” Ha, gets me every time.

3. St. Patrick’s day in Massachusetts. We went out with Mike’s family for some green beer and bag pipe music. The waitress who took this pic wasn’t so well-versed in iPhone photography, as you can see.

4 & 6. Seedlings! Signs of life! These guys are on the window sill in our bathroom. The top is a Lufa seedling (yes, the shower scrubby things!) and the bottom are some Brussels sprouts reaching towards the light.

5. Ceviche! The best dad in the world, aka my dad, and I got Peruvian take out food while I was down in Florida. I could go for some more of that right about now.

7. Baby Bella! Meet Bella, my dad and Liz’s new puppy! She is the most precious thing, very sweet, cuddly, and SMALL…4 lbs small! I wish there was something in that photo for scale so you could appreciate it!

8 & 9. My mom’s backyard. It totally has a rustic retreat/Carribean getaway feel and when you’re sitting in the pool back there it’s hard to have a care in the world.

10. He’s just so smart! Received this in the middle of the day while in Florida from FH accompanying this text: “I have a new tank finding assistant.” Love that dog.

In other news, this little collage is my first ever hand at Photoshop! I have the new CS6 beta, and well, this took me longer than I care to admit to put together. I watched an exhaustive amount of Youtube tutorials, and I think I’m finally getting the basics. Fun stuff!

So remember March’s goal: start p90x? Well, mission accomplished! We have started! Though I haven’t been as thorough as I’d like to be (doing an hour and a half workout after getting home at 7:30pm just doesn’t happen), FH has been whole hog, though, and has already made visible progress!

April’s Goal: Finish school! I know this is kind of a cop out, but really: one. more. month. Lots of papers and projects, so that will take up  plenty of my non-work, non-class time! Happy April!

February 2012: In Between

Happy Leap Day! I love leap day, it’s just kind of cool to have a day that only happens once ever four years, feels weirdly magical. And it’s a good excuse to celebrate a small thing.

Anyway, the February wrap-up: February is such an ‘in between’ month. It’s usually cold and dreary and brings on the beginnings of that undeniable yen for warm weather, gardening and the Cape. Thank goodness it’s short and sweet! We managed to make the most out of Feb, though, and it got me looking forward to Spring. I’m ready for March. Like they say, “In like a lion, out like a lamb,”  and I’m ready for lamb season.

The month started with a sweet Valentine’s day. Beautiful flowers from the hubs, and some champagne on the in-progress bar cart when I got home from work.

I couldn’t deny gardening season any longer and tried my hand at re-growing spent scallions and drying papaya seeds. We’ll see how that germination goes. Scallions were a success!

We took lots of walks around town, and the water in the Delaware was so low we could stroll out onto the wing dam.

And finally, a few sprinklings from the month:

1. Baby Marcus and his mama (My sister, Alanna) sent me this adorbs pic of them being silly.

2. Oatsie cuddled up with his bff dog the stuffed animal.

3. Mike and I went to a Trenton Titans hockey game. Surprisingly few fights!

4. I got some new specs from I highly recommend them if you need new glasses, affordable and they do a one-for-one, like Toms shoes.

5. And last, but not least, I got an internship for next year!! Of course, I had to have a little celebration :).

Not bad for an in between month!

Now to business, March’s Monthly Goal:

Start P90X! Mike and I did the program before our wedding in August (it’s intense, but TOTALLY worth it), and, well…it’s time to do it again, if you catch my drift. Thinking about doing and actually doing it are two totally different things, however, and this month we WILL start it. Bring it on, Tony Horton!

As for February’s monthly goal, mission accomplished. I now have a pic of my mug gracing the webpage of Folksy Home. Enjoy ;)

January 2012: A Real Chestnut

I take lots of (poorly lit) pictures and unfortunately, most of them end up in the dark corners of my iPhoto library never to be seen again. That’s about to change, baby.

Now that I have this little spot on the interweb, I’m going to use a piece of it to highlight events and fun stuff that happened in the past month. A little monthly re-cap, if you will. Hey, the byline of the blog does say, ‘DIY and Daily Life,’ right? Hopefully this will work to both serve as a kind of fun, interactive diary and to let you in on a little behind the scenes action that doesn’t make it into regular FH posts. I’ll also set out one small goal for the month ahead. Oooooo, exciting, right? 

The top 8 (how myspace is that?):

1. We started the month and the year by toasting with champagne. Fun fact: for every New Year that we’ve spent as a couple Mike and I have a picture of us clinking glasses at midnight. Such crazy kids we are.

2. We exchanged stocking gifts when we got back home after the holiday. Mike filled (and I mean FILLED) my stocking with chestnuts and sprinkles of licorice. If you must know anything about me, know that I live and breathe chestnuts between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I almost had an apoplexy from the excitement after peeking into my stocking!

3. In family news, my heart melted a little bit when I got this picture of my nephew. Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks? They slay me!

4. My dad came up from Florida for a snowy weekend! It was such an amazing treat. He converted us into Lifetime movie freaks. We watched the world premiere (they’re very dramatic about premieres on that channel) of The Drew Peterson Story: Unstoppable. OMG. So. Good. Watch it. We also watched like 3 other Lifetime moves. Um, they’re amazing, and they’re all based on true stuff! A total hidden gem in the high channel numbers.

5.  I got these awesome red shoes and am now obsessed with them. Very Dorothy even though that movie still gives me the creeps. I think I’ve only made it all the way to the end once.  (From J. Crew)

6. Mike discovered his love for photobombing blog pics. I already have…hmmm…10 of these pics and its only the first month of blogging.  He’s cute.

7. Poatsie had a ridiculously adorable moment, but whats new? Oh, if you only knew how many pictures I have of this dog. You’d have me committed. I think there’s like 10 from this little session alone.

8. And, finally, I made this bracelet from Honestly WTF blog. Tutorial here. Those are hex nuts from the hardware store! Absolutely genius. The safety pin to the sock is my proprietary bracelet making trick. Secret’s out now.

So that was January, full of chestnut-chubby-cheek-Lifetime-movie goodness. Not a bad way to start the year!

February Micro Goal:

Get a good pic of my mug for the sidebar. Something with no one else in the photo…I have surprisingly few of those! And yes, I do think it will take me a whole month to get one I like :).