A Year of Blogging!

Holy cow, it’s been a year since I started this here blog! Can you believe it?? Obviously, I’ve had some ebbs and flows in terms of posting, but overall, I’m kinda impressed with myself that I’m still here and I still think about this corner of the internet daily. Chalk that up as a success!

Looking back, here are a few of my favorite posts from 2012:

1. Rope Shelves – So good looking and so functional. Love ‘em!
Rope Shelves

2. Scarf Rack – Reusing the ladder from our place card display at our wedding has worked out wonderfully.

Scarfs on Ladder

3. Shelves in the craft box – Just look at that after, how can you not love it??

craftbefore and after

4. Spice rack – Functional repurposing! Booya!

4. Fold-away Ironing Board – Use this every work day!

DIY Ironing Board 16

6. Fixed-up mirror – also used every single work day!

Mirror Re-Do  2

7. The desk I built – Functional and handmade, I’m still proud of it!

finished desk!


So, with that, thank you all from the bottom of my DIY heart for reading Folksy Home. It’s nice to know that my typed words aren’t just completely lost into the internet ether. I appreciate all of you and wish you nothing but the best in 2013. Happy New Year! xoxoxo

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  1. Great job this year – I’m looking forward to reading more this year. Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats on one year of blogging! And happy new year!

  3. Lizzie

     /  January 1, 2013

    Happy New Year Maria and looking forward to seeing all you new projects this year.


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