A Christmas Collection

I’m not a collector. But, of course, when it comes to Christmas, all bets are off. My coffee mug collection is one of my favorite things about the holiday season- I love that every morning my cup of joe has a tinge of Christmas cheer. So festive! I get to pick from this happy cupboard every morning.

target christmas mugs 1

And here they are all lined up:

christmas mugs

(Thank you, iPhone panorama function for that photo) All my mugs are from Target; they come out with different ones each year and they’re dated on the bottom, which I love. For about $5 a piece, and a lifetime of enjoyment, how can you beat it? Depending on the collection, I’ll buy one or more. The oldest one is from 2006 (the snowman fourth from the right) and here is the one from this year:

target santa mug

How cute is that hat?? Not exactly practical, so I only bought one this year, but still…it’s Santa…with a hat…in the shape of a mug. How can you not love it??

Do you have any holiday collections?

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  1. I have collections of ornaments – my grandma has been giving us pewter ornaments made by a jeweller in the city for the last 18 years, the kids ornaments, the ornaments that my mom gave me every year in my stocking, and the Ukranian egg ornaments that my sister and law used to send home from Europe. Love the mug collection.


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