From Trash to Treasure: Mirror Edition

Hey guys! So, as you may know, I’m trying my hand at no-cost crafts/projects/everything in an effort to busy idle hands while we’re seriously saving for a house. One thing that helps me keep that little promise to myself? Side-of-the-road finds!

Now, I absolutely looooove checking out other people’s trash. Wait…that came out wrong. Hmm, put it this way: I’m not scared to take a second look at someone’s trash pile if it looks like there’s anything remotely salvageable. And just last week my dirty little habit paid off in the form of this pretty little mirror:

We have a ‘no shoe’ policy in our house, so I rarely get to take a look at my outfit with shoes on. So, when I saw this mirror, I envisioned hanging it in the mudroom so I’d  finally be able to see how ridiculous my socks with crocs looked before heading out to walk the dog. Yeah, that happens more often than I’d like to admit. The mirror was originally tacked on to a dresser, so I Mike hung it the same way we did here, and then it was up to me to clean ‘er up.

When I found it, it did have lots of sticker residue on both the wood and mirror, but a little rubbing with Dawn dish soap and warm water and it was all but gone. I’d have taken pics, but it was night and the lighting was baaaad. The next morning, when I could see better, I broke out the Murphy’s Oil Soap and wiped it down. Then, I used some Feed ‘N Wax. See, it was looking a little dull:

And then with the wax, it was looking fresher and fresher.

Woop, all done!

And now I’ve given myself another chance to actively ignore my less than stellar fashion choices. Sometimes you’ve gotta accept the things you cannot change.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Looks great! What a good find!

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