A Craft Box Overhaul

Whoa. Can you believe this:

was lurking under this?

Those are craft supplies and sewing notions, piled high in a big wooden crate. I picked up this box for $18 years ago at the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts. When we moved to PA it became the purse stand and craft catch-all, but it only did one of those jobs well. The craft supplies needed an overhaul, clearly.

So, with the catalyst that is Love & Renovations’ Organize-a-Thon, the craft abyss got a makeover. I decided making a shelf insert would be the most effective solution, so after taking measurements, Mike and I headed to Home Depot to pick up the lumber. One 2x12x12 board later (we had one cut made in the store, so it would fit in the car), I got to work:

I measured out and marked the board to fit a configuration I liked (that’s my plan on that piece of paper), then took the board to the miter saw, and got to cutting.

Because this was a 12” wide board, the 10” miter saw wouldn’t do the job with one cut. We improvised and cut one width, flipped the board, matched up the laser to the cut (love that laser!), and cut the other half of the width. Since the shelves were going to be hidden in the box, I wasn’t too finicky about perfection (not that I ever am, ha).

After all the cuts were made, it was time to lay out that bad boy:

When the configuration was finalized, I busted out the beloved Kreg Jig and made some pocket holes to connect the boards at the T-junctions. If you’re not familiar with the Kreg Jig, its the ultimate in joinery. I honestly did not even know that was a word until this little kit came into our lives (thank you Auntie Mary & Will for the wedding gift!!), but yeah, it is basically the ultimate in joining boards, or joinery. I really can’t believe that’s a word. Anyways, check it out:

It’s so ridiculously quick and easy, especially when you’re not worried about perfection. For the junctions where I couldn’t get the drill to fit, Mike toenailed in some screws from the back, just so it would stay together. I forgot to take pics of this. Bummer city.

But yeah, once the the shelves were assembled, in they went!

Once they were in there, I cursed myself a little for buying the board that was $5 cheaper, but double the thickness. Half the box is filled with wood! Oh well, thank goodness all the stuff fit, or I’d REALLY be cursing a blue streak. (See what I mean by not obsessing about perfection? The whole thing is listing port. Ha, what’s better than a little boat humor on a Thursday?)

So after organizing my junk stuff, and thinning the fabric scrap collection, back in it went.

Ahhhh, much better! Now maybe I won’t avoid glue gun use at all costs for fear of ‘the box.’ Darn, I love organizing!

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  1. Wow! I’m so impressed – you busted out the power tools for your organizing project! :) It looks great!

  2. DrX

     /  February 17, 2012

    Well done! Sure looks better and more accessible. I have seen that beautiful wooden box from Thr outside many times never knowing what dwelled inside. I’ll feel a little better when I near it next time. Good work team! And I agree the extra $5 are worth to have half the thickness of wood, so you will forever now know for every project from here on; still a great solution to past clutter! Way to go!

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